The who, what & why of 

Not For Robots 

“I’m at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain. I hope.”

                                                                                                – Red ‘The Shawshank Redemption”

Goals and Vision

This podcast shares the stories of  people who are doing their bit to shift how we relate to ourselves, the times we’re in and the challenges ahead; without pushing people aside.

The vision is that by talking more, people will be encouraged to get involved in their communities and engage with the challenges we face with hope and belief.

Hopefully Not For Robots gives us all a nudge in the right direction and encouragement that we can do it together.

The world is Not For Robots yet. Until it is we, all have something better to become.






Why now?

There’s something in the air? Do you feel it? People in all areas of life are becoming players, getting off the bench and becoming more involved in shaping their world by looking differently at business, community and culture.

People in places like Plymouth where I live are doing great things, just like people all over the world.

The time feels right to share their examples and insights. Plymouth has things to share with the world I want to bring stories from people around the world to my own community in return. 


What to expect

Not For Robots is an independent podcast run by someone with a special interest in coaching and the power and potential of relationships.

The guests on this podcast are people of purpose who are working to make a difference by rewiring how people and things relate to each other.

No one on the show walks on water, claims to have all the answers or, lives in bubble detached from their own emotional experiences and feelings of fragility and uncertainty about how things will work out for us all. 

Expect strength, conviction, vulnerability, the odd swear word, some laughs as well as insights and inspiration.


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