Questionnaire about collaboration in Plymouth!

                                                                                                             Closing Date: 1.12.2019


Want to know why I'm asking these questions?

My name is Stephane, I’m an Organisation and Relationship Systems Coach with a social enterprise background who loves Plymouth and believes in what we can achieve together. I help partnerships, teams and organisations excel through change and challenge and I have a dream that here in Plymouth we can achieve relational excellence.

Because of this, I’m super excited about the POP+ Learning & Collaboration Fund. It’s an exciting opportunity for community groups, organisations and individuals in Plymouth to focus on taking collaborative and relational skills to new levels.

What’s most exciting for me is the emphasis the fund puts on building stronger, richer, more creative and more resilient relationships. Relationships that consciously and intentionally thrive through change and challenge.

We’re never not in relationship. I believe that when things don’t work its often not the parts that are the problem, it’s what connects them. Because of this, when it comes to collaboration it’s the quality of our relationships that shape outcomes. Not just the tasks we agree to do as part of the collaborative process.

It’s the space between us, and what happens there, that the POP+ Learning and Collaboration Fund gives us a chance to explore, learn from and carry forward. For me, and hopefully for you, that is very exciting!

I’m curious to know what you feel we need to work on, to let me know, answer the questions below.

Your answers are anonymous and in the spirit of collaboration I’ll share my findings with the POP+, PSEN and broader community.

Many thanks for your time.

If you’d like to find out more about me, check out my podcast ‘Not For Robots – The Relational Power Podcast’, or drop me an email at

Here’s to us, here’s to our future and here’s to us unlocking more of our potential by developing richer relationships and more effective ways to collaborate.