Intuitive Coaching and a Life Worth Living

Thurstan is a powerful advocate of intuitive coaching. He found it after a successful career as an influential environmentalist working alongside Caroline Lucas MP as Brighton’s Head of Sustainability and Evironmental Policy.

After making change happen in Brighton from behind a desk, Thurstan moved to Cornwall. He found a path to a new life worth living after coming across William Whitecloud’s ‘Natural Success’ programme and training as an intuitive coach.

We chat about the impact intuitive coaching had on him, the power and necessity of connecting with nature and his work with UK Charity ‘A Band of Brothers’; which does amazing work reconnecting marginalised young men with their communities, themselves and their futures.

Intuitive Coaching and a Life Worth Living

by Not For Robots | Thurstan Crockett

Hosts & Guests

Stephane Kolinsky

Thurstan Crockett

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Follow Thurstan @ThurstanC and check find out about the work UK Charity A Band of Brothers do with marginalised young men. More about intuitive coaching and the ‘Natural Success’ programme here.


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