Community, Science and Beekeeping in Plymouth

Beekeeping in Plymouth is taking on a new look by combining community sponsorship and science. Not For Robots spends time with Matt and Owen from Pollenize; a Plymouth based social enterprise that brings together the power of community and technology to reverse pollinator decline.

Beekeeping, Science and Community in Plymouth

by Not For Robots | Polenize CIC

Hosts & Guests

Stephane Kolinsky

Owen Finnie & Matthew Elmes

Visit Pollenize CIC’s website to find out how to become a patron and support the their work.


About This Episode

  • Taking personal responsibility and tackling big environmental issues at a local level.

  • Overcoming challenges on their journey from Hayfever sufferers to beekeeping social entrepreneurs.

  • Myths about bees that just aren’t fair.

  • Business models beyond selling products like honey and wax.

  • Building a shared sense of local community compassion and stewardship for the environment.

  • Becoming part of the ‘Bring back the Black Bee’ project with beekeepers from Mount Edgcumbe.

  • Collaborating with local stakeholders across Plymouth.

  • The importance of relationship in making it happen.

  • Their positive feelings about the future for bees in Plymouth.

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