Overcoming limiting beliefs -with fire!  

Sam Dyer loves to help people live a ‘life more powerful’ by helping them  overcome limiting beliefs that hold them back. He is an empowerment coach and firewalk instructor who uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to inspire clients and transform their lives. His coaching practice is based in Harley Street, London and he travels to coach clients, run workshops, speak at conferences and deliver his “Life More Powerful” events.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs with Fire!

by Not For Robots | Sam Dyer

Hosts & Guests

Stephane Kolinsky

Sam Dyer – Master NLP Practitioner


For more information visit samdyer.co.uk,

 lifemorepowerful.com or connect with him on LinkedIn

About This Episode

  • Sam’s journey to becoming a NLP Master Practitioner and how it challenged his beliefs.

  • How accepting that we are ever changing gives us near unlimited potential.

  • How learning to Fire Walk helped Sam to overcome a limiting belief that held him back for 20 years.

  • The value of getting up early and having a good morning routine. 

  • How journal keeping and goal setting help you live a life of conscious growth.

  • How letting our potential unfold can stretch us all towards great lives.

  • Why being middle-aged is awesome and empowering.

  • How to influence the world by sharing your own positive example with confidence and courage.

  • How ‘unlearning’ helps us become ‘more’.

  • Deep emotional experiences are not a pathology.

  • Mental health and the progress we’re making by talking more freely, more often.

  • How enjoying diversity with openness, curiosity and non-judgement helps you grow. 

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