Compassion and Hope in Plymouth.

Not For Robots hears from Tam about nurturing compassion in Plymouth. We find out about what initiated her life’s work helping people find hope in the darkest moments.  We explore how we can all bring compassion into our lives and learn about how she is working across cultures to make Plymouth a Compassionate City.

Hosts & Guests

Stephane Kolinsky

Tam Martin-Fowles

    About Tam

    Tam founded Hope in the Heart in 2012, the same year she developed the AccepTTranscend Model for Transformation which unerpins her creative personal development workshops and courses.

    Tam is a transpersonal therapist, coach, international facilitator, educator, inspirational speaker and Master Facilitator of the UN-endorsed Virtues Project. 

    She founded Woman Undiluted which aims to unite and empower women from diverse backgrounds. 

    Tam is a UK ambassador of Charter for Compassion and co-founder of the Compassionate London and Compassionate Plymouth City Initiatives.

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