The potential of  relationships. 

Not For Robots chats with Hamira Latif about unleasing more of the potential in our relationships. Hamira is a professional coach with a focus on relationship systems work who completed her initial ORSC training in London while living and working in Dubai.

This is the first podcast Hamira and I have recorded which I’m absolutely sure doesn’t come through at all! We had a great time catching up after going through ORSC certification together. I want to say a big thank you to her for jumping in bravely and supporting me to get Not For Robots off the ground. 

The potential of full colour relationships

by Not For Robots | Hamira Latif

Hosts & Guests

Stephane Kolinsky

Hamira Latif ORSCC ACC


Visit Hamira’s website at Purple Patch Coaching or connect with her on linkedin.


About This Episode

  • What a ‘relationship system‘ is.

  • Why agreements around ‘how are we going to be together‘ helps people have better relationships and overcome limiting beliefs in themselves.

  • How to be accountable and create the relationships you want.

  • Maintaining positivity and productivity in the workplace. 

  • How improving our relationship with ourselves and others helps us become greater than the sum of their parts.

  • What ‘meta skills‘ are and how they help us be in healthy relationships.

  • Why a Relationship Systems Intelligence improves your experience of all relationships.

  • How Hamira is using relationship system coaching with clients in the legal sector in Dubai to help them change workplace culture. 

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