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Not For Robots

A podcast about rewiring the way we relate to things in a changing world.

With guests from around the world as well as in and around Plymouth in the UK.

About Not For Robots

There’s something in the air? Do you feel it? People in all areas of life are becoming players, getting off the bench and doing their bit to rewire the world by looking differently at how people, business, technology, community, politics and culture work together.

The guests on this podcast are people of purpose doing their bit to make the world a better place by changing the way we relate to each other and the world around us.

No one on the show walks on water, claims to have all the answers or, lives in bubble detached from feelings of fragility and uncertainty about how things will work out for us all. Everyone on the show is trying to fill a role they feel is needed in the world and, is open to sharing something of their story and themselves with you.

The world is not for robots yet. Until it is, we have something better to become. Time to make it happen. Enjoy.

Stephane Kolinsky Host of Not For Robots podcast

Stephane Kolinsky

Podcast Host


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